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Opium Wars & the Boxer Rebellion
Turning a Quarter of the World into Junkies—in 1839!

When considering the current fate of the most powerful nation in the world, its’ people becoming drug addicts in their millions, one cannot dismiss the fact, that nearly 200 years ago the pirate nation of drug dealers known as Great Britain, forced China to accept unlimited importation of narcotics. Just like alcohol and Christianity came hand-in-hand to the Amerindians, the massive addiction of the Chinese came in the wake of evangelical efforts to open China up to the western worldview. This process included tricking Chinese scholars into coming to Europe, only to have them locked away in a asylums [see Hu in France] or sold as slaves in English America, circa 1700-1730.

By 1830, the Chinese government was beginning to sense that the West would not stop short of the moral destruction and physical occupation of what they regarded as the only civilized realm on earth, the Middle Kingdom. This resulted in the third largest war in human history, which is not part of this discussion, but cost the lives of millions as a direct result of Christian missionary work. As the same religion that was employed as a wedge to unseat the once and future greatest nation in the world, is also the moral bedrock of the American nation, American Christians might wish to view our own current SJW disease and the massive Chinese real estate and heavy industry investments in the U.S. [I just had breakfast next to the Yangtze Railroad yard yesterday.] as an example of an enemy learning from its conqueror and reverse-engineering it's way off the geopolitical floor, much like the Romans overtook the Carthaginians.

Of Lions and Men

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Sam J.August 4, 2017 5:05 AM UTC

"...In fairness, Sam J., the Crown made a fortune from the trade, as did Sassoon..."

I don't disagree at all. The Jews have always gotten tight with who is in power then used this to loot either the citizens of the country or others. Just like they are looting us and getting us to fight for them on the middle east. If it turns on them then I don't want to hear about "fairness". They take what they can. Our attitude towards them should be the same.
BobAugust 1, 2017 2:25 AM UTC

In fairness, Sam J., the Crown made a fortune from the trade, as did Sassoon. Read the article I appended. It was a classic joint venture, sanctioned by the Queen herself.

Chinese Jews go way back before Marco Polo. I have heard that La Ki Shing is a Kaifeng Jew, but it matters not.
ShepJuly 31, 2017 10:07 PM UTC

Flashman and the Dragon, by George McDonald Fraser.
BobJuly 31, 2017 1:45 AM UTC

Culpability is jointly attributable to Queen Victoria and David Sassoon. The former, as enabler, the latter as promoter.
Sam J.July 30, 2017 4:41 PM UTC

Maybe people get tired of hearing it but the damn Jews are involved in most every single bad thing ever. It's hardly my fault that damn near everything detrimental to Whites or something that they blame on Whites, the Jews are right in the thick of it.

Who is that owned the opium trade? A Jew, David Sassoon. Just like right now where we're fighting in the middle east for the Jews due to their attack on us on 9-11, the British fought for the Jews opium trade. Notice they always use someone else as the cats paw. Probably bribe or blackmail some of the local British officials then when the opium trade is stopped those local officials(British) blow the whole thing up to be an attack on the British Empire. Guys back in London don't know any better and send troops. Jews make bank and Whites pay the price in money, Men and reputation. Notice in the wiki on Sassoon they don't say he was in the opium business in China. They say he was involved in "trade".