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Terms of the Peace
Napi Mephisto by Ron West, pages 44-45

Sak Wo Ma Oui Aki Kwan sat in the west, looking into the east, Ichs Stui sat in the north, looking into the south and Thunder sat in the east, looking into the west. The south stood open to this lodge they created with their positions

The protocol called for Sak Wo Ma Oui Aki Kwan to speak, Thunder did not like it but he had no choice, for the Woman Warrior was victor. She first placed a tanned Elk skin bag on the prairie grass before Ichs Stui and then the Woman Warrior spoke to Thunder:

"I have brought this Ceremonial Stone, a gift to you from Raven handed through my Ceremony and Vision, those things preparing me for this fight, now, to make this peace. It is in the shape of the Man Being when he is a Creator. This is to remind you, Thunder, Niitssitapi is forever free to make her own choice of her mate"

With these words, the Woman Warrior changed in her body and became pregnant. Her beauty softened. The anger went out of Thunder’s face. He felt compassion and a brother’s love for Niitssitapi as he gazed at her sitting across from him

Now, as Niitssitapi, she continued:

"I give this Stone into the keeping of Ichs Stui, on your behalf, my half brother, he will keep it safely for you in his winter home

"Each Moon of the Willows Return, Ichs Stui will bring out this Stone and you will use it in ceremony, to commemorate this meeting, and my right to live in Human Dignity, and you will commemorate all of my future children’s right to live in Human Dignity, whether my Woman children or my Half Man Being children. Each Moon of the Ripened Cherries, Ichs Stui, whom you cannot stand against, will come and collect this Ceremonial Stone for safe keeping and I will thank Raven who will gather herself again and hop south to remind you"

Stone Child: "What was the Glyph?"

Na Too Auts smiled and said: "If you haven’t figured it out by then, you can ask me you are fourteen"

Niitssitapi, pregnant from her abduction and rape by Thunder, and her subsequent consensual relationship to Man with the gift of peace, gave birth to Ego and Self-Awareness, the twins Napi Au Pee Cee and Napi Na Too Auts. Each of the same mind and power, Napi Au Pee Cee spends eternity terrorizing the native world, whereas Napi Na Too Auts protects the Native World. Napi Na Too Auts is the First Man to live in Human Dignity, the first Man Half Being or child of the Light, whereas Napi Au Pee Cee is the Outcast, the Trickster, the Native American Fuck-Up God, the Divine Rapist, the evil Thunder was forced to abandon at the making of the peace. Napi Na Too Auts is everything a Native man should hope to become, Napi Au Pee Cee is everything a Native man is taught never to be and would be banished for becoming. Napi Na Too Auts is Beauty and Truth. Napi Au Pee Cee is the male Mono-Sexual Erection of the Ego which underlies all form of Rape, this was the glyph Raven had painted on the bit of Aspen bark, the symbolic truth which had put Thunder, the Logos, the Bachelor Mind, into blind fury

He: Gilgamesh: Into the Face of Time

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