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Beggars and Setup Artists
'No, I'm Sorry, or Silence?' Man Gear #2 Side Note

Thanks to Bob for this question.

Silence always works if you have the mental and physical presence to back it up.

However, in my declining years I choose not to antagonize those who do not require it. I will be courteous to down and out types rater than walking over them or looking through them. I now reserve silence for grifters, set-up men, muggers sizing me up for a hit or drug dealers. A lot depends on your personality.

A polite decline must be spoken while taking action, executing some coming and going act, and said with confidence, not as a note of apology.

Of Lions and Men

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BobAugust 1, 2017 11:13 PM UTC

Thanks, much appreciated. I'm assuming that the potential assailant wants to size you up by hearing you. A nervous, tremulous voice might be enough to convince the aggressor that you're easy an easy target.