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Whore Queen
A Man Gear #2 Anecdote

The secularized goddess of the modern world is not fertile, not motherly, not matronly, but a wanton slut of staggering inhumanity. She is the agent of your emasculation, the vector for your invalidation and the key to your enslavement.

Yesterday, mescaline Franklin asked me what his course of action should have been when he saw, in a Philadelphia city park, a nearly naked college woman of his pale race, sunbathing in public as three savages stood and gawked, and elbowed each other and no doubt discussed possible access to her softer parts.

First, this is a setup. Women that do this want one of two things: to be raped by savages [most unraped women harbor lurid rape fantasies],or she wants to tease men with the fact that the might of the most powerful nation on earth backs up her right to naked and near naked sexual display in public with the force.

In either case, she is not worthy of being within a man's protective boundary that he sets upon entering new space—his moral claymore mines of inner commitment.

Under no circumstances let racial identity lure you into a defense of this later day priestess of Issus, the sterile lever that will take a good man off his righteous course just as Shamahat seduced Enkidu to his doom and regret.

Chances are, if something went down and you protected her she would side with her attackers as her behavior indicates a liberal mindset.

Of Lions and Men

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Sam J.August 1, 2017 10:21 PM UTC

It's terrible things are this way. My natural inclination is to help but...we just don't live in that world today.