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Writing with Audacity
A Way to Stay Prolific When Winter Comes Again

With record, cooling rainfall, Baltimore is enjoying its third late summer at below average temperature and my injuries that nearly crippled me this past winter have craft back, reminding me that I will be a hobbling gimp once again in a few months.

No longer able to write squatting, or sit or stand typing for long, I have hit on an idea. Lynn suggested I use a voice recognition software, but with my poor diction, the fact that I cannot speak many of the words I use, I have decided to use the Audacity program we installed to record the Kevin Michael Grace interview on my end as a dictation tool, in hopes that some kind person will transcribe the audio "text" so that it can be made into a book form. During our interview yesterday I stood, shadow boxed and exercised while wearing the headset, so I think this could work.

I will never do this with fiction.

I have chosen a few books in the works that will have the main narrative and historic quotes done in audio, with the appendices done in writing on the site:

A Dread Grace

Magic Negroes and White Devils

The Vile Root: Invalidation

Hotel Hell: Checking Out

Of Lions and Men

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Sam J.August 1, 2017 10:45 PM UTC

I did a little looking around and found Windows 7(and later) has built in voice recognition.

I'm not so sure it would be good for a book though. Everyone says Dragon Naturally Speaking is it but I haven't tried it.

Here's another solution.(I haven't tried these) Google Chrome browser has a built in voice recognition software that programs can use. So you install Google Chrome

Then install the app to use voice recognition. Here's a web app with some video explanation.

the app.