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Hoodrat Phalanx
Sefton and Glenmore, Northeast Baltimore, Sunday, 3:10 P.M., 7/30/2017

As Big Ron and I rolled down Sefton in his pickup truck, about to turn left on Mary, we saw, 100 yards past our turning point, the new aristocracy, The Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven, Seven against Thebes—only they can’t count, so there are only six of them.

Heading toward Glenmore were four hoodrat bucks, in their late teens, uniformed in white double Ts and black cargo shorts with white sneakers, walking shoulder to shoulder down the street. Flanking them were two hoodrat whelps, one to a sidewalk, as they swept the street with their menacing swagger.


This is a primal dominance display demonstrated by Chimpanzees regularly and still in use in human societies.

The practical objective is spreading fear and setting a tone, making motorists wary. Since the riots of 2015, some Baltimore area motorists have been prosecuted and sentenced for injuring rioters who blocked their cars by attempting to leave the scene. It is now known by all that legal favor goes to the black pedestrian that walks down the middle of the street and demands that the white motorist halt.

Conditioning this passive motorist response is a broad-based method of prepping victims for carjackings, now, on some occasions, but primarily to seize cars in the future.

Anarcho-Tyranny is here. Baltimore is living under a fully-denied reign of terror, the paleface motorists who simper, stew and fret in their seats as their dark masters strut on their bull parade, still contending that they are exercising courtesy—confident that they are the favored government race—by surrendering the road and their freedom of action to those they fear.

Our sissy world teeters on the cowardly brink and we all look away.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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