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‘Aged about Sixteen’
Roger Hagon, White Slave and Runaway

August 27, 1767

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the subscriber, living near Sasquehanna Lower Ferry, on Sunday, the second instant, a servant lad, named Roger Hagon, lately come from Ireland, aged about 16 years, about 5 feet high; [1]

had on when he went away, an old felt hat, a flax and tow shirt, a pair of old leather breeches, no shoes or stockings, neither coat or jacket, his hair of a black colour, and lately cut off, pretty fair complexion.

He speaks with something of the brogue, and is very talkative. It is thought he went in company with a certain James Barns, a young man, about 18 years old, 5 feet 10 inches high, and well set;

he had on and took with him, when he went away, a castor hat, check shirt, black calimanco jacket, blue breeches, thread stockings, a pair of shoes or pumps, having both kinds with him he had also two coats, one of blue cloth, bound with ferreting the other of country cloth, of a lightish colour, two fine shirts, and a black silk handkerchief;

it is very probable they will keep together as much as possible.

Whoever takes up the above Roger Hagon and secures him, so that his master may have him again, shall have FOUR DOLLARS, reward and reasonable charges, paid by JAMES PORTER.


1. Roger is obviously, still physically a child, yet he is a slave. How exactly does a child, of the favored race of a self-proclaimed white ethno state, end up enslaved at age 15? 15 was his probable year of enslavement, a term which may well not have been his first, as many boys were first sold between ages 9 and 12, often by their parents or guardians, and then resold!

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