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Precinct Under Siege
A Fleeting Example of Suburban Crime Resistance

Unlike Baltimore City, Baltimore County has been resisting the dindu invasion, has fought against [and lost to] the federal housing initiatives transplanting criminal cadres into soft, crime free areas, and have used social media to get help from the law abiding residents—to no avail. Crime continues to hike and the street robberies are increasing far more than the Good Captain would have us believe. On Monday Night numerous Precinct 6 cop cars were thundering after criminals, as other criminals stood and watched in the shadows and I took the bus with two other patrons, the bus stop in that neighborhood now too dangerous at night for all but the weird. The Baltimore County PD is not staffed for this kind of invasion. Yesterday I went through the Oakliegh area and saw not a single paleface on the street 2 hours before dark, the gang-attired thugs already on open patrol.

Precinct 6 Communities, It has been a tough week in the Towson Precinct, while we did arrest 3 juveniles for the street robbery near Banbury Road and Anneslie Road on the 29th, officers and detectives continue to work around the clock to resolve the string of burglaries in the Rodgers Forge community and the commercial robberies we have experienced this week on the east side of the precinct, as well as other cases. I especially want to thank the COP members that our officers and detectives have encountered while patrolling during the overnight hours, which really says a lot about the COP program in Towson. I also want to thank all of the community members who have been so eager to assist in any way they can. We will continue to do everything possible to bring these cases to a speedy conclusion. I have included a list of basic crime prevention tips. Please focus on the burglary prevention tips and take the easy steps to secure your homes and vehicles, and shrink the window of opportunity for the bad guys.

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An important update from Captain Jay Landsman, Jr. about the crime in our communities, as posted by Towson Area Citizens On Patrol Inc, Maryland

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

The Hunt for Whitey on Kindle

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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