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‘A Post Shit Hits the Fan Situation’
Tribal Confederacies with Varg

“It is far too late to save it, because the body-social is now rotting, and we are but its odor.”

-Fred Beare

Against Love

Varg is the only person I have seen on You Tube or read in Alt-Right literature [I know he is not Alt-Right] who seems to understand that tribalism is alliance-based and not the ever tribe for itself agrarian hierarchy of ass kissers that most neo-tribalists seem to think it is. The misconception is understandable but infuriating, especially the aspect of neo-tribalism that denies shamanic figures and insists—unwittingly—on beta-male dominance, be extolling hierarchy over the individual.

‘The Roots of Your Forbearers’

Runt to the Hills with Varg

Of Lions and Men

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