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Head Pigger in Charge Defends Dirty Cops
Baltimore City Police Chief Denies That Narco Cops Turned off their Body Cams to Plant Drugs on Innocent Dindus

In the future, henceforth and hereafter, valuated inmates of the Surveillance State, when Cop Gang members detain you, then turn off their body cams, then turn on their body cams and miraculously produce illegal items in your possession, you might be tempted to surmise that you have been framed.

But think again, what else might the pigs have been doing?

They might have been searching for bombs placed by white race-terrorists.

They might have been cleaning under their fingernails so as not to put forth the skank hand on camera.

Their seat cover fetish might be an embarrassment to them—dude, do you really wan to see that?

Mrs. Anderson's alley cat might be missing, and the cops don't want to get busted by their boss for wasting time rescuing cats when they are supposed to be jacking your black ass up.

You see, don't jump to conclusion just because you a hopper, now.

In all seriousness, I feel for the honcho of the Baltimore Police Department. He's been humiliated by his soldiers three times this year, and has even had to remind them to wear their gang colors. As the leader of the largest drug gang in Baltimore, it would be unseemly for him to throw his boyz under the bus.

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