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‘Remarkably Slow in Speech’
Runaway Retard, Timothy Downey, Should be Easily Caught

October 1, 1767

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away, on the 20th ult. from the subscriber, an apprentice servant man, born in Ireland, by trade a taylor, of a dark complexion, black short hair,

had on, when he went away, a red cloth jacket, without sleeves, a beaver hat, bound with tape, check flannel shirt, check trowsers, half worn pair of shoes, with yellow metal buckles, a pair of buckskin breeches;

he is about 5 feet 4 inches high, about 27 years old, [1] his name Timothy Downey, remarkably slow in speech, and seemingly very quiet.

Whoever takes up and secure said apprentice, [2] so that his master may have him again, shall receive the above reward, paid by DAVID PARRY.


1. In the Plantation Era child slaves were typically resold as adults between the ages of 15-20. It is of interest that the owners of these people never seem to be certain how old they are, and that this runaway white man should have completed any conceivable term of indenture and be enjoying his white privilege, grateful for having given the best years of his life in service to good Christian folk.

2. In writing 7 books o this subject, I have found no documented evidence that servants, apprentices and convicts were treated differently. In this ad David Parry does not seem to be able to decide whether or not his chattel is a servant or an apprentice.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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