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Giant Flying Turkeys
The Size of Kangaroos! By Eirik Bloodaxe

Wow, just fuckin’ wow! Once upon a time, Australia was not the sewer that it now is. There were huge flying turkeys as tall as a kangaroo and weighing 17 pounds of juicy mouth-watering meat:

These flying feasts died out only 12,000 years ago, so plenty of natives must have had great feasts from these feathered fuckers. There would need to be great care hunting them because they would easily pick you to death. Emus can be vicious and go for you even now. Hunting parties would need to surround the bird, and smash its head in with long clubs. Then the party begins.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had big birds like that to shoot today with shotguns?

Scientists have discovered that the human intestine has taste receptors:

and even up our butt:

Mine are zinging for roasted primal turkey, followed by sweaty cave man sex with the latest slave girl conquest.

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