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A Saga of Black and White
By Professor X

Sometimes you find one academic paper, which gets an answer from another one, unintentional. Thus Linda Wong, “Why Do Only 5.5 % of Black Men Marry White Women?”, which I forgot to staple, and have just dropped in the uni. urinal, because I thoughtlessly had it under my arm while pissing, and while shaking my cock, the paper slipped. Quietly leave the scene of the crime, to let the plumber worry about things.

Anyway, gong for the internet, which is less wet, here is what Wong says in her abstract, which is not too abstract:

“Only 5.5 percent of black males married white females in 1990, and the family-income premium for intermarried black males was 7 percent. This paper estimates the impact of the mating taboo, courting opportunities, and individual endowments on the black male marriage market. Results indicate that eliminating the mating taboo would raise the intermarriage rate from 5.5 to 64 percent, and do away with the intermarriage premium. Improving black males’ endowments or allowing black males to meet white females as frequently as they do black females would not increase intermarriage.” Good grief.

OK, but there is another paper, this time by Tiffany Calloway, “Ninety Two Percent: Examining the Birth Trends, Family Structure, Economic Standing, Paternal Relationships, and Emotional Stability of Biracial Children with African American Fathers”

Here is its abstract:

“This study examines the birth trends, family structure, economic standing, paternal relationships, and emotional stability of biracial children with African American fathers. For study implementation quantitative research methods were used. Questions were asked through a questionnaire that was administered to 1000 women spanning the united States that were equally ranging from 3 different racial groups; Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic. Participants were recruited through the internet, radio, and news. This study finds that 92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance. The results of this study make it very clear that biracial children with African American fathers are fatherless on a scale much larger than the public may realize.”

So, maybe there is a reason, beyond “racism” for the social phenomena that Wong observed.

Have they sacked me yet? How about now? Now?

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ShepAugust 3, 2017 8:23 PM UTC

A second career for Linda Wong?