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Big Ron Marathon
Big Ron’s Baltimore, All Day, Friday 8/4/2017

It is looking like the prolific urban adventurer, Big Ron is within a month of finishing his oral history dictation to the author. The entire thing will be published as told. I will, instead of rearranging accounts in chronological order for the real urban adventurers I interview, take Robert E. Howard’s lead, and let the characters relate their tales in the order they come to mind.

Left on the outline we have:

-The Getting Serious Interview, concerning any crooks we have neglected

-The Loose Ends Interview, concerning any un-dredged depths of the Big Ron memory

-Joe Slim, a dark character from Big Ron’s past, who acted as a mentor in terms of forming his perspective on violence. Ron is attempting to arrange an interview with this man. If not, we will settle for a second-hand account of Joe Slim’s violent doings.

-Post Purge Baltimore: Ron’s reflections on the newly formed, government sanctioned, hoodrat hunting matrix known as Baltimore.

-The Scrap Book, appearing in the back of the book, but not on this site, will be Ron’s captions for the 40 off photos Mescaline Franklin has taken of places that figure in Big Ron’s life.

But first, on this sweltering Harm City day, we have 18 tales of Big Ron’s Baltimore.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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