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The Jet II
A Nice Black Bar

I was delivering pizzas to this bar that either couldn’t sell food or didn’t. it was a middle class, middle age to elderly black bar, some white customers. You could listen to jazz. They had a black barmaid, a middle-aged woman, dressed real nice, a black man in a tuxedo as the bar tender. They had three big black bouncers. I got to know them. They would wave me in to take the food. They worked the door and kept the hoodrats from coming in there. It was a nice place, no trouble. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but it gives you an idea of how the good black bars have to keep the street element out on the street. Down the street on the other side of the 711 you have Sheldon’s, that was a hoodrat shithole. I would stop in there every once in a while. Them bouncers tell those people, “You ain’t commin’ in,” no explanation or nothin’, you ain’t fuckin commin’ in. A white bar is legally not allowed to do that, so a nice black bar could be nicer than any white bar.

The bouncers were over six foot of muscle and weight, young guys, late 20s, early30s and they knew what their job was. Even if they had a line of people there, they would wave me in. The barmaid dressed real well and tipped real well, a nice lady. The white guy with the black wife tipped real well. Some of the other ones didn’t tip well, but they did tip. Older black people don’t want hoodrats slapping their wife’s ass and firing up a blunt with their bitches and hos bullshit. They are listening to jazz and drinking mixed drinks not beating the drums and knocking back Steel Reserve. [The Current pramium malt liquor]

It was previously Fat Daddy’s, the Spot and probably something else now. It seems like they have trouble keeping a profitable place there.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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