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The Good-Looking Kid
Big Ron, Humanitarian, Overnight Custodian, Looking Out for a Young Stud

This was a guido-looking kid, with slicked back spikey hair. He had a lot of pussy clinging to him. He boxed down at Jake Smith’s and told me that all the coaching resources went to a few key fighters and guys like him were lift spinning in the wind. He got KO’d and his father said if it happened again, then boxing wasn’t for him and he’d have to go into military, police or fire. So he got KO’d again and ended up being a fireman.

[Neglecting most fighters, using them as punching bags, and focusing of naturally talented fighters is a common systemin boxing gyms. Also, getting KO’d is the common fate of neglected fighters, not just because they are neglected, but because the gym manager will “feed” a neglected fighter to another manager’s prized fighter in return for having that manger “feed” one of his neglected fighters to his most movable fighter, moveable meaning the overall assessment of the fighter’s money making potential, in the amateur [where money is made] or pro ranks.

He had this real sexy young girl come over to the school. It was at the end of the job, me and him there at night doing some touch ups and she met him there and he said, “Can I take her into one of the classrooms?” and I said, “Sure,” and he’d take her in there and fuck the hell out of her. One of the janitors from the school was there and me and him would sit there a few rooms away and laugh about it while the girl was making those , “Ooo, ooo, ooo, oooo!” loud sexual noises.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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