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Concrete Finishing—in Iraq?
Notes on Overseas Construction Work

The government will always tell you falsehoods or half-truths, Never, ever believe what a government or politician says. People will say, “What does he think he knows?” But it’s in my mind a man has to form an opinion and you have to let that opinion evolve, but at least form it and don’t believe everything the government, media and faggot celebrities tell you. If I’m wrong I’ll say I’m wrong. I have no problem with learning. Show me something I don’t know.

This was about 06-07. I know a few guys that went and worked over there. They lived in a barracks in a compound with a theater, store and bar. It was guarded by the military and they were in an area that was considered under their control and they would do civil works projects, building roads and bridges and such.

The concrete finisher I worked with smoothed out the formed concrete, mainly in conjunction with building roads and other infrastructure destroyed during the war. It was a pretty substantial FBI background check you have to go into. I looked into it. My wife didn’t want me to go. I’d a been gone for six months. Some of them are in for longer.

For concrete finishing here, you are talking 30-40K a year here and over there in Iraq he was getting about 80-grand for six months, that is four times the rate. And the type of work I was doing was, carpentry, was paying even more.

The guys that went didn’t like it at all. They got their money and went on about their business. It was boring, hot, they drank a lot when they weren’t working. You’re also putting your life in the army’s hands to watch you and hope they aren’t lying and they keep the suicide bombers away.

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