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Notes on Escorting Drunks Out the Door

A lot of times I think I’m drinking for free when my wife is tending bar but I ended up taking out the trash, taking out the drunks and even frying up an order of french fries.

From watching bouncers and removing people myself I’ve learned a few things about bouncing, which wouldn’t work against George Foreman or some slick guy. But you are not looking to hurt then.

I either do the arm drag to a hip capture, or the bouncer move.

My wife tended bar, there’ been a lot of times I’ve had to throw guys out.

The arm drag is done by under-gripping the right tricep with the right hand from a right-side approach, with the left hand pressing the small of the back. Then the right hand comes up out of the initial move—which is the wrestling arm drag—and I’ve got your back. The only difference is I’m not looking to slam the guy or taking him down but usher him out the door.

With drunks, a lot of them will act drunk, but as soon as you do something like that they turn into babies. The bad asses don’t start trouble, in bars, it’s the punks and drunks. I have a lot of respect for the bouncing trade, keeping control without hurting somebody.

With women’s fight all bets are off. When two women really decide to go at it its horrendous. With guys, one guy will cave. But women will keep going and they have it in their mind that you won’t hit them, that mindset like they can’t be touched. Women are a nightmare for cops and bouncers to deal with.

The bouncer move is a simple, “let’s go” armbar from the side, with an under-grip on the tricep, with the right hand to a hip capture [hand in the small of the back] to push his hips forward and rip his shoulders back.

The over-grip on the wrist with it twisted back, while the left hand is holding the tricep just behind the elbow and locking it out as the wrist is twisted and instead of attacking the joint, we’re just taking a walk. This is something you can’t do with some bad ass that can wrestle or sweep. But for your average drunk it works fine to minimize damage to all parties involved.

If you’re by yourself and you’re doing it to Chuck Liddell, good luck. But these guys aren’t starting trouble. You’re dealing with drunks.

If it’s a little guy I’m not grabbing the elbow [with the arm bar] but if it’s a big fucking bastard I might go there. But with a smaller untrained guy there is no need for me to go to the elbow and put pressure on that.

When those bouncer threw me out of the titty bar it was pretty impressive. I was drunk but I remember things when I’m drinking and I was pretty impressed. I challenged them to a fight and they told me they were calling the cops, which was great because they would have put me down, I’d a went down like Jack Johnson under Jess Willard, smiling.

When you add alcohol, things happen.

You can’t just go around belting people in the jaw, especially when you’re drunk.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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