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'Bitch, Can You Not Read?!
Vee at the Harm City Pizzeria Counter
I was working at Tony's when we got a $47 order from a customer. I wasn't working the phones, but handling the carryout. We had so many stupid customers who couldn't even figure out how to get the best deal on a pizza and soda. The soda deals just confused the hell out of them!
When these people come in for their order, they want to pay with an Independence Card—which is just the stupidest name for a welfare slave card possible! And these people actually think it makes them independent.
I told them, "Sorry, we don't accept EBT payments."
They said, "Well, the girl on the phone said you did."
I said, "I'm sorry, she's new here, sorry about the confusion, but we can't accept that form of payment."
After they left—and we're stuck eating near a fifty-dollar order, I said, "Maggie, what made you think we accepted Independence cards?"
And she walks up to the payment sign and points at the decals for Master Card, Visa and whatever the other two credit card companies were we dealt with, and said, pointing at the Visa card, "See, it says right here, that we accept EBTs!"
I about had it and said, "Bitch, can you not read?! The next time you aren't sure about something, ask!"
I'm so glad I don't work at a pizza shop anymore.
When Your Job Sucks
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