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A Better Man
Morale Inclusion: Spanning the Liberty Divide

Some thoughts on Neo-Libertarianism are in order after listening late last night, on my youngest son's couch, to an old friend—the man who was my primary teacher for about ten years—attempt to span a gorge of intergenerational dissonance in the podcast linked below.

Joseph and I met around 1988. When describing him I have always prefaced his influence on me in terms of him being "the better man" in my life, a person with a devotion to clearly seeing the obfuscated tapestry of the world our various masters and manipulators have arranged for our befuddled perusal.

I read adventure fantasy, which Joseph loves to illustrate above other subjects. But he read, primarily hard science-fiction, science and finance. So the place where we came together we came to from very different perspectives. Joseph's relationship with combat was illustratively interpretive, where mine was experiential, so I think we both found something of the intriguing Other in our counterpart.

Upon listening to this podcast, the most intriguing aspect that hits me, is the left-leaning, guilt-oriented, monoculture worldview of his younger counterparts in the discussion. Joe comes off so old school Libertarian it makes me pinch a tuft of gray chest hair and say, "Yeah, it's been that long."

Joseph argues heroically for the source of libertarian principles in the modern world, which, he rightly points out, stem counter-intuitively from the overtly collectivist font that is Christianity. The hosts do not seem to grasp this singular aspect of Western Life, the notion of freedom of conscience, that a man can hold to a belief at variance with his master without being persecuted. It seems that the modern notion of libertarianism is a respect for the utility of individual action couched in a collective moral framework.

I see Christianity—in the deistic form indicated by the founding documents of this nation—as both the spark and eventual ruin of ay notion of individual liberty, as the universalistic ideal opens its proponent culture up to interloping, negation, invasion and replacement. Joe gets this and his partners in the podcast seem to be staring into an opaque abyss in an attempt to overcome their indoctrination.

Ultimately my problems with libertarian principles and the notion of individual liberty and property rights being upheld by the proxy force of the State, founders on the nonaggression principal, which I cannot abide, and which, in my mind, leads ultimately to extra-human, systemic aggression. Joe's discussion with the Punk Rock Libertarians has brought me finally to a point where I am willing to offer a suggestion for "what should come" once the current, "absolutely and incurably corrupt" social model Americans live under fails, falls and ceases to function. But that is for another discussion. In the meantime I quite enjoyed and agreed with Joe's view of Trump as a "wrecking ball," a transitory figure that is delightfully wringing the impotent worst from the political establishment, most satisfyingly, the media.

Punk Rock Libertarians?

Of Lions and Men

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Sam J.August 6, 2017 10:52 PM UTC

"...Joseph argues heroically for the source of libertarian principles in the modern world..."

I'm ultimately against this for Whites doesn't work.

Sure libertarian principles are fine and dandy and I used to be idealize this when I was younger but grew out of it. One of the events that taught me different was the way the Japanese took over the semiconductor market in the 60"s. I was watching this and arguing with Libertarians that it would be a long term disaster for them to close off their markets to us while they had free access to ours. All that he could say was cheaper was better. I think history has proved me correct in my assumptions.

The Jews are the ultimate counter to this. They have created a powerful in group with no rules towards others and they are doing fine. The Libertarians are... 2%????? I'm a White nationalist not because I wish to enslave all other races or because I believe we are so almighty better but because I want to have my own be free.

I don't see any way for Whites to prosper unless we become like the other races and decide that our race comes first. We can have all the honor and chivalry possible, among our own, but everyone else should go pound sand. I like Asians and have had buddies that were Black, that never worked out, but while most Whites don't think race is important the other races do and that's what matters. What we think doesn't if they think different.