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Requiem for a Four-Leg

Knowing damned well that it didn't end well for this little guy, I couldn't stand next to his wanted poster at the corner of Glenoak and Northern Parkway another night, as his human owners' plea for his return from the slathering jaws of hoodrat doggie doom slowly, by stages, wasted in the automobile-generated breeze, like the false hopes that will elevate his former masters to victimhood again and again...


Phone number and adorable puppy picture




July 25th 2017, last seen @ 8pm On Belle Vista Ave. Baltimore, MD 21206

This zip code [the next over] is worse than mine, with 4X the violence, including murder

If you have seen him or think you seen [dialect indicating local Baltimorean] a puppy like him please call me ASAP.We love him and miss him dearly. Thank you!

He is black and brown and has brown eyes. He is wearing gray, blue, green, and white patterned collar. [Indicates female composer] He answers to his name and is very friendly.

And so the focus of another family's investment in the notion of innocence is once again lost to the cruel hand of the postmodern moral edifice—called after its ancient equivalent, a city—built on the notion that there are only chumps and players in the game called life and that no other sort of being exists. This attention to Jinx's fate might seem a whiff of sentimentality, but he and his ilk are the canary in our moral coalmine and his fate shall be visited upon us in our turn.

Of Lions and Men

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