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Eating Slave Girls in Jamestown
A Footnote to Cracker Boy

The delightful (and dastardly) secrets of the birth of America: Inside the colonial site of Jamestown, where starving English settlers feasted on rats and even other HUMANS

•The Mail on Sunday's Giles Milton toured the archaeological site of Jamestown in the state of Virginia

•The ancient human skull of a young female revealed she had been likely been eaten by her fellow settlers

•It's the setting for an epic new series, Jamesown, which tells the story of the women who arrived in 1619

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These dozen women were sold as "wives" to a population of elite brutes who had been working, beating, raping and killing boys for a decade. When the 'Indians" rose up to wipe these fiends out three years later, many—and possibly most—of those Indians were escaped white slaves, named as "rogues" or "Vagabonds" in surviving journals. In the same year, 20 blacks would be sold, brought up from Barbados. The best estimate for the number of white male children sold in Jamestown this year, is 3,000, only 150 of whom would be alive five years later. This researcher is willing to wager that the fate of these white boys, the majority population of human chattel in early Virginia, will be overlooked as the fate of the 32 people who matter in the modern mind's eye is examined in some dramatic detail.

So Her Master May Have Her Again

A History of Runaway White Slaves in Plantation America: Part Two

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