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Sperm, Dying Like Beached Whales
Save Your Sperm Now!

By Mrs William Rapier

I am not certain of the quality of the jungle juice that my husband squirts into my oldish orifice each intoxicated Saturday night, but I suspect alcohol has taken its toll on his swimmers, who may be as big drunks as he is. No matter, we will soon be worm bait.

(Hi Lili, I really loved your poem, which adds some female sweetness to such a hard-core, testosterone-splashed site: )

Although this issue has been discussed before at other equally insane sites, the context has been about the decline of the sperm quality of Western men, which a recent study concluded has fallen by more than 50 percent in 40 years, and is not slowing down, but crashing.

Whoooaaah! How is that for a mind-fucking URL reference – somewhat self-defeating I think. Oh, I typed “fucking,” which is a bad habit I picked up from my husband who has a limited vocabulary and swears constantly to assert his dwindling masculinity. Here is the old-fashioned reference: H. Levine (et al.), “Temporal Trends in Sperm Count: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis,” Human Reproduction Update, 2017, pp. 1-14, but you won’t see the sexy italics.

Now, this research has been quoted in the media as allegedly showing that Western sperm quality is undergoing decline. Gloating non-Whites, primarily Muslims, have ground their pointy booties in. Yet as Mike Adams has noted,

there is still evidence from the latest study that the decline in sperm quality is worldwide, and not exclusively due to factors such as diet, although that may be a contributing factor. The analysis had some indication that the decline in sperm quality was worldwide, including in still-developing countries.

Earlier studies had indicated that there was in fact a worldwide trend in the decline of sperm quality: S. Swan (et al.), “The Question of Declining Sperm Density Revisited: An Analysis of 101 Studies Published 1934-1996,” Environmental Health Perspectives, vol. 108, 2000, pp. 961-966;

I know that there is someone out there who will raise the case of Israel, but high births at present is still consistent with declining sperm quality, it just means that it is harder for women to get pregnant:

Is that enough to chew on? Is time circular? Hasn’t someone written that before here, or was that someone else, somewhere else? Jesus, it is confusing, this game of endless literature. Having to proofread my husband’s BS is driving me mad.

There will be a point reached where such difficulties will become so great that a fall in the birth rate does occur because of the sperm quality factor.

Adams and others hypothesize that the crash of sperm may be due to chemical pollution through estrogenic-type chemicals that act as hormone disruptors:

Fish have become transgender due to the effects of the human contraceptive pill being flushed down drains:

Just imagine what the effect would be if the hos went down the drains instead.

It would be a miracle if the high-tech, toxic environment which modern consumer culture swims in, does not have the same effect on humans. Perhaps the present lack of masculinity in “men” may have a chemical explanation, since testosterone levels across the world, including Israel, are also crashing:

The same thing causing transgender fish could be causing, perhaps in part, mediated by social causes, transgendered human males. Who knows?

This problem of the collapse of sperm alone could finish off the human race, if it is not already too late. Investigate ways of minimising the use of hormone disrupting chemicals, eat organic, and hope and pray for the best… Who am I kidding? At this site, it is ok to say that we are just fucked, and that the human race is set to die off. In fact, some very crazy people here, such as my husband, are rooting for this scenario, even praying to Zeus for it. All this because of his own erectile dysfunction.

One day, we will get down to the “last man,” who will be a lucky, but overworked fellow. But, perhaps the stress of endless fucking turns him gay, he becomes a bottom man, gets AIDS and dies. Then, the human race snuffs it. That is a film I suppose many of you would like to see, if we could work in some good melee battles and fistfights and all-night drinking sessions.

Bye, Lili.

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