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Death by a Thousand Cunts
By John H. Scrotum

Just be careful when, even with consent, you insert your shotgun into your girlfriend’s vagina or other orifices, as not following the golden rules of gun safety could lead to an accidental “discharge,” resulting in reproductive organs being scattered over the sensitive environment:

Once upon a time, the only gun discharged in a woman’s vagina was a penis-pistol, but it seems that these tools have gone out of fashion.

Speaking of high moral standards, some actors are being asked to jack off dogs for movies:

OK, but what about jacking off sperm whales, that would be something. Why not make a movie about that? Fuck, anything goes when Rome is burning down:

Those White N types who wax lyric about ancient Greece and Rome, while pissing on the Germanics, need to explain things like this:

“The ancient Romans brought bestiality to an art form. Roman women were known to have kept snakes for sexual purposes. Bestiality was even a center of attraction at the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus, where men and women were brought in to be raped by animals.

Unlike the ancient Romans, however, who practiced bestiality for pleasure or entertainment, the ancient Greeks were into bestiality for religious reasons, turning it into a central rite during the Bacchanalia and part of the ceremony at the Temple of Aphrodite Parne. But, according to ancient writers, the Egyptians might have taken the bestial cake. It was said that there was nothing more common in ancient Egypt than young women having intercourse with bucks. According to Herodotus, goats were said to be part of the religious practice in the Temple at Mendes. Crocodiles were not even excused when it came to bestiality—ancient Egyptian crocodile hunters supposedly had sex with female crocodiles before killing them.”

What can one say that would help things?

Speaking of movies and jacking off:

Yes, the movie was that good.

But, then I got curious about the actual “Emoji” movie, which has been described as looking into an “existential abyss”:

And, there is the promotion of “progressive” values, and the proselytizing of leftism, with women portrayed as an oppressed proletariat under patriarchy, the latest in the war against you and me:

Even thermonuclear destruction is better than this death by a thousand cunts.

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