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Oh, Shit!
By Professor X

Stink bombs, which have the sweet aroma of decomposing bodies and sewage, are not working on Indians, for some unknown reason, since all people are the same, and racial differences do not exist:

Good to see that films are now just starting to comprehend the true history of Europe, that which enlightened academics have known about for some time, namely that there were no White people ever in Europe because whiteness is a social construction, and White people don’t exist, unless they are needed for historical guilt purposes.

Anyway, what a great multicultural blockbuster this one is:—legend-of-the-sword-review-a-bewildering-mix-of-hokum-and-guy-ritchie-laddishness-20170517-gw6pxf.html

Hollywood is doing the right thing in making multi-million dollars losses while pursuing the noble path of debunking White privilege. Keep up the good work; don’t worry about profits, there are always chook raffles.

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