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From the Robert E. Howard Lexicon

"The sleeveless, low-necked silk tunic, girdled at the waist with a cloth of gold cincture, was a duplicate of the queen's night-garment."

-A Witch Shall Be Born

cinc·ture (sĭngk′chər)


1. The act of encircling or encompassing.


a. Something that encircles or surrounds.

b. A belt or sash, especially one worn with an ecclesiastical vestment or the habit of a monk or nun.

tr.v. cinc·tured, cinc·tur·ing, cinc·tures

To gird; encompass.

[Latin cīnctūra, from cīnctus, past participle of cingere, to gird; see kenk- in Indo-European roots.]

A Well of Heroes

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