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Vibrant Diversity Update.

Chaos after Feds dump dozens of illegal aliens on tiny PA town

Christmas Day brawl between gypsies and blacks in Houston TX section eight housing area over stolen bike. Gypsy welfare tourism in UK.

Drug War Update.

The Feds busted a stash apartment in an Upper West Side residential neighborhood, just across the street from Central Park.

"Twenty pounds of fentanyl in its purest form is potent enough to kill half the population of New York City," Hunt said. "So it's not good to have in a residential building, obviously. You know, if somebody spills it coming out of the building, it could pose a danger to the public." Hunt said breathing in or ingesting fentanyl through pores can be fatal. “

Fentanyl bust uncovers "enough to kill half the population of NYC"

Drug War Update.

The rest of the story on the Feds NYC Fentanyl bust. Another Amish operation.

“The agents were watching the apartment on Central Park West by W. 105th St. Friday, when they saw 32-year-old David Rodriguez load two boxes into a Honda Accord driven by Richard Rodriguez, 42, an Uber driver. The two men are not related. © CBS New York Four people were arrested in fentanyl drug bust in New York City. Authorities stopped the Accord and raided a sixth-floor apartment, where they found drugs, $30,000 in cash, a loaded gun, and packing material, authorities said. The drugs were being sold under brand names like “Walking Dead,” “Time Bomb,” and “Animal Planet,” officials said.”

“Authorities also busted Jesus Perez-Cabral, 19, and Johnny Beltrez, 32.”

Authorities shut down opioid mill near New York's Central Park

Dindustan Travel Update.

Looking for a life of death and danger? Some of you won’t even have to leave home.

America’s Ten Most Dangerous Destinations.

Race War Update.

Funny! Good advice too. Take care that your microagressions don’t expose you to macroagression. And hyper-intensive macroagression at that.

Whatever you do, don’t make the black kids angry.

Colin's secret sure-fire recipe to avoid the greatest crime of all: MICROAGRESSIONS!

Yeah, that’s what you’ve got to watch out for whenever you’re passing bogus paper, the big notes just get too much scrutiny.

This Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017 booking photo provided by the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office shows Dennis Strickland, who authorities say tried to deposit what he presented as a $1 million bill at a bank, and subsequently was charged with drug possession in Sioux City, Iowa. The U.S. Treasury Department says it has never produced a $1 million bill. (Woodbury County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Funny money: $1M bill deposit leads to man's drug arrest

Man overdoses in Dunkin' Donuts bathroom while son waits outside

Police said the child told an employee that his father had been inside the bathroom for a long time

Police investigate armed robbery at Aberdeen Exxon

Robbery at same gas station in May appears to be similar, police say Aberdeen MD Exxon Robbery

Man dead after early morning shooting in Lochearn

Baltimore County Police say the shooting happened off Liberty Road

Another Harm City head shot.

Teenager shot in head in grave condition

Life in Dindustan Update.

Baltimore Bike Share program hampered by thefts, lack of returns

Invasion USA!

American citizens in Maryland to be dispossessed and disenfranchised by foreign invaders. American politicians complicit in this treason. Send in the Marines!

Maryland city considers controversial decision to give illegal immigrant residents the right to vote

•College Park may become the next Maryland municipality to open up elections

•Undocumented people will only vote for local matters, not state or national ones

•Those in favor say local elections affect trash pickup and other similar amenities

•Such matters affect everyone, regardless of whether they are citizens, they say

•But those opposed say that only citizens should have the right to vote at all

•Ten places in Montgomery and Prince George's counties have made similar rules

Race War/Civil War Update.

Grandfather and grandson were beaten and then shot to death.

House with Confederate flag stormed in AL, two males beaten and killed A Break in Rabbittown, AL Home Invasion Murders.

Escaped inmate who attacked Ohio cop found dead

Sports Update.

Nigerian Doctor advocates for elimination of a major source of income for African -Americans. Will we see the NFL become the ‘National Flagfootball League’. Would anybody watch that?

'Concussion' doctor: No such thing as 'making football safer'

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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