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'The Lotus Room'
The Worm Ouroboros: Induction

pages xxiii-xxvi


Decadence and domestication are redolent in plush suffocation as the man of leisure, Lessingham, turns to hypnotic retreat in an inward quest for the wild, inevitably finding the weird.

Discussion Points:

-the significant garden

-Mercury as the otherworld, compared to E.R.B.s' Mars

-The Lotus Room, House of Postmeridian Peace, windowed to the east, the Lotus Eaters of the Odyssey

-the starlight-eyed martlet as guide

-House of Heart's Desire

-the wild courser, totemic image, limned with muted exposition

Related Authors:

Edgar Rice Burroughs, ethereal artifice

Stephan R. Donaldson, escape inward

Robert E. Howard, the decadent garden of civilization

Under the God of Things

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