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Bimbos and Dinosaurs
Yep, Only at Radio Free Dindustan

Move over T-Rex, there's a bigger fossil in town

Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur in Argentina. Weighing in at 65 tons, 'Patagotian mayorum' is the biggest known land animal ever.

…Unless you’re really, really limber.

Funny. Goodness though, where are people’s manners? Didn’t their mothers teach them to never put their feet up on the furniture? That’s what the ottoman is for.

Not to mention the fact that showing the soles of your feet to everyone you pass by on the road is a display of stunning cultural insensitivity. White folks aren’t the only ones in this country now, don’t you know? So whatever you do don’t make the Muslim kids angry.

© betyarlaca, Getty Images/iStockphoto Propping your feet on a car's dash is extremely dangerous in the event of a crash, a Tennessee fire department warns.

Why you should never put your feet on the dash of your car

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