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'If Tarantino Were a Shitlord'
Crackpot Podcast Episode 5 James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

Episode 5 is online now, hope everyone enjoys:


Part 1: If Tarantino Were a Shitlord

Praise for Kevin Michael Grace's interview of James LaFond. What is a shitlord? Is James a shit...

And also:

Part 2: Access Soft, Available Game

Part 3: They Consume and They Vote

Part 4: The Big Wigs

Part 5: Wore the First Wife Out

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Sam J.August 12, 2017 6:30 AM UTC

I think your definition of a shitlord it fairly good. I perceive it as being not giving a shit. Making fun of all the ridiculous nonsense the left has virtue signaled.

Hail James...shitlord!