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The Odessa Book Selection Suggestion

Hi James,

I was looking for something to read the other day. I grabbed Citadel of the Autarch off the shelf on the way. Of course, I had to read all of them over again. I would recommend it over the Worm Ouroboros as a book to review for your readers. The Worm is kind of static to me, it seems a product of the 20’s style sci-fi. As you may know, the Book of the New Sun is without equal. Just my 2 cts.worth.When are you heading out west again?

-SS Sam

Sam, you are absolutely right. I was torn between these two and thought we would start out with The Worm Ouroboros because it was only one volume and would give us some practice doing this on audio. The Books of the New Sun, The Urth of the New Sun, the Litany of The Long Sun and The Book of the Short Sun, 13 volumes in all, is in my mind, the most ambitious and introspective science fiction ever written. Like most, I prefer the first cycle, that begins with the Shadow of the Torturer, for its unique texture. Hopefully, we will begin Wolfe's masterpiece—which gets horrible Amazon reviews—in January.

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