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Das Rheingold
The New Patriarchy

By Fred Beare

“Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung: A Comparison,” (Thames and Hudson, London, 1993), The Rhinegold, Scene 1, p. 54

“The action opens at the bottom of the Rhine, where the three Rhinedaughters, Woglinde, Wellgunde and Flossilde, are disporting themselves in the waves. The dwarf Alberich climbs out of a dark chasm lower down and after watching the Rhinedaughters at play, calls out to them. They initially recoil at his loathsome appearance, but then decide to reward his lubricious advances by teaching him a lesson. Each appears to lead him on but then mocks and rejects him.

As he looks up, speechless with rage, a bright light shines through the waters from high above. Alberich, mesmerized by the sight, asks what it is. He is told that it is the Rheingold, from which a ring can be made that will confer limitless power. Only he who forswears the power of love can fashion the ring, adds Woglinde – in which case they have nothing to fear from the lascivious dwarf.

But Alberich climbs to the top of the central rock, declares his curse on love, and wrests the gold away with terrible force. He scrambles away with it, deaf to the lamenting cries of the Rhinedaughters.”

In this spirit, there is an excellent essay, Émile Durand, “Faustian Civilization and the New Patriarchy,” at

The essay moves beyond the verbal debate about “white sharia,” and argues that a new patriarchy is needed to deal with the eternal “women problem.” Civilizational building via the Faustian spirit requires a constraint on the “50 Shades of Absolute Darkness” view of women’s nature that has emerged from the neo-masculinity movement, and the recognition that the “red pill” is an extremely bitter one. Men need a break from the bullshit of women to maintain civilization. “The New Patriarchy removes the satisfaction of women’s sexual preferences from the equation,” something that the Big Game hunters don’t seem to realize, that they are still at the mercy of pussy. Romantic love can be junked, and man/woman relationships can get back to a pragmatic basis.

Most importantly, men will not make the same mistake again; this must be remembered for all time as an age of impenetrable darkness and evil, worse than that of “Lord of the Rings” and other types of dark and gloomy adventures.

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