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Killing Grandpa in His Pajamas
Harm City Hoodlums Killing it in their Bid for Murderbowl Victory

Jeremy, this is one of two 70-plus year old men who were killed within four miles of my home, this year, one white, one black. Mister Tate was killed one block from where my cousins, the Baringers, grew up, fighting there way home from school and work until finally only Uncle Robert was left.

Check the link below and you will find that 21 people over 50 have been killed in Baltimore City so far this year and not a word has been said on their behalf by the city administration, who care only for the criminal youth gunning each other down.

Murderbowl Update.

Yeah, what is the ‘root cause’ of the violent crime in cities like Baltimore, that thing that Leftists always assert we need to get at to solve a social problem rather than just attack the ‘symptoms’? It’s the elephant in the room social issue you’re not allowed to notice.

The author has a point. Liberalism/ Leftist Progressivism is stupidity and wishful thinking made into public policy. Pay people for not working and they don’t look for work. Punish economic success with high taxes and over-regulation and the economically successful leave the community, taking their money, talents and all the jobs they create with them. However in white majority communities Liberalism usually remains a fairly civilized form of stupidity where people still respect their neighbor's right to be left in peace and crime rates remain low. Like in Sweden until very recently. Not the case though where blacks are the majority.

Another Day, Another Black-On-Black Murder In Baltimore–And “Liberalism” Isn’t What Caused It

James, what’s your take on this latest progressive scientific plan to address the pernicious problem of dindu gang bangers killing other dindu gang bangers within the corporate limits of the city? It seems to me that making community college free for all who wish to attend will just serve to attract more criminal activity to campus. It will create more white victims.

What do gang bangers want with job training anyway? They already have careers? Ones that are a lot more exciting than being a wage slave for some immigrant boss.

“In an honest service, there is thin victuals, low wages and hard labour. In this, plenty and satiety, pleasure and ease, liberty and power…No, a merry life and short one shall be my motto.”

-Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts, 18th Century Pirate

Jeremy, the most unrealistic thing about The Wire HBO series was that gang leader Stringer bell attended college to be able to teach capitalist marketing principles to his thug staff! here we have life imitating art. This will give free license to thugs to gain full control of community college campuses like they have over high schools and prisons. I think this is an excellent idea for the Harm City Hoodrats and should increase their batting average—particularly their on base percentage! Those black brainiac race traitors are no longer safe in Whitey's embrace! they will soon be forced to work as hackers and government employee-infiltrators for the true Lords of Baltimore.

Mayor Catherine Pugh announces free community college

Pugh makes announcement as part of unveiling of crime-fighting plan

"He was completely compliant with all of their demands, including giving all the money from the cash register, and for some reason, these callous criminals shot him and he died because of his injuries," Baltimore police Capt. Jarron Jackson said. “

Employee fatally shot inside Dollar General store

Deric Ford, 54, father of 12 killed in Baltimore store

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

Narco Night Train Kindle Edition

Thriving in Bad Places Kindle Edition

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