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'Warr is Kareer?'
How many Americans know where North Korea is?: A Radio Free Dindustan Educational Report

How many Americans know where North Korea is?

“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” (A remark attributed to numerous people).

How many Americans know where North Korea is?

Always hilarious when comedians do this. Although before we jump to conclusions about how uninformed the average American is we should consider the source and keep in mind the venue in which these ‘man on the street’ interviews are being conducted. These people are clearly baked.

First Strike

“If we maintain our faith in God, love of freedom, and superior global air power, the future looks good.”

– General Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay

Pentagon Unveils Plan For "Pre-Emptive Strike" On North Korea

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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The Great Train Wreck of the West

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