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Masculine Apogee
Outline to the Concluding Chapters of Masculine Axis

Stuck without an operating laptop, off line and unable to right on the back of the site either, I outlined, by hand, the remainder of Masculine Axis, the book on masculine dynamics inspired by a conversation with Ishmael nearly a year ago, and its conclusion inspired by three nights of conversation with the man called Nero the Pict last month. All of these chapters, save one, selected by Lynn Lockhart to feature on our bloodspot, will not be posted online but available only in the book. Below are the title, subtitle and subsections for each.

Of the Night

Surveying the Shrinking Masculine Domain in the Urban Context

-Three Yos


-Last of the Night

-Nocturnal Transitions

At the Feast of Souls

Why Are Children the Preferred Prey of the Powerful?

-Nero the Pict and the Real Vampires


-The Keepers

-Young Foods

-Systemic Manipulation and Why All Civilized Social Systems Devolve into Child Rape

The Coming Age

Under the Shelter with a Paleface Whore

-Caucasian Infertility

-POC Family Commercials

-Tropical Invasion of the Subarctic

-Baseball as a Human Place Holder

-Do We Know?

Whiteman, Who Are You?

The Progress of Cultural Negation: Tribe, Nation, Faith, Race, Masulinity, Gender & Individual

-Zman and Baruch

-Magna Cartic Dissonance

-Christendom as a Candle in the Night: 1453-1648

-Protoglobalism and Human Zoology: 1650s to 1940s

-Globalism, Asimov and the Atomic Age

-Sunrise at Wyman Park

Information Antidote

Why We Are Just Babes at the Mouth of a Cave to the Ascendant System

-Notes on political correctness as an inoculation of the system against masculine action

Man against Manipulation

Why the System Must Negate the Heroic

-Enkidu against Civilization

-Gilgamesh against the Elements

-Achilles against the Gods

-Odysseus against Man & Monster

-Roland against the Enemy Within

-Beowulf against All

-Jonathan against the System

A Hero for Our Time

Gracespeaker against the Ghost

-How a little known and poetically deified figure became the hope of an atheistic age.

Lynn, chose whichever you like for posting o the blog spot.

-James, 8/11/17

Of Lions and Men

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