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Hoodrat Pack Dynamics
The Action Cues That Tell You Who is Going To Hit You and What To Do

This exercise is cued on the video below. The audio has nothing to do with it. Keep the audio on and run it through once.

At :54 Our Zero walks through the door, oblivious to his surroundings, on his phone. If you are on your phone, you deserve to be attacked.

Who Will be the Hitter?

These are a group of highly cohesive aggressors. Although the law would rarely charge them all with a crime, they are all playing a role in its commission. It is important to identify the most dangerous actor so that you can stand with him between you and the rest and slash his throat open before the others get their paws on you.

Minute by minute we tick off primary actor cues:

:55 The biggest man is the fittest [unusual and significant] and stands shoulders rounded forward a pre-aggression sign.

:55 This most likely actor moves closer, immediately.

:56 This most likely actor blocks egress. [Baruch picked that up]

:57 to 1:10 The mouth, furthest from the hitter, distracts the target and the hitter keeps watching the target's hands

All along the most passive member is the support person who provide linkage between the verbalizing shot-caller and the hitter.

1:29 The hitter has an itchy right hand, is pocketing it, or wiping off sweat or checking for his knife, or whatever. This shifty right hand business could be a sign of many things, all bad.

1:35 The big, bald specimen is clearly agitated and past ready to take action.

1:40 The hitter is adjusting the wrist band on his watch, must be a nice watch!

1:43 The hitter begins to shake out his hands for action. He has been ready to strike for a while and his body has begun to divert blood away from the extremities to his core and he is responding by flushing his hands for action. [If a dude is doing this slash his wrists.]

1:52 As Mescaline Franklin noted, the hitter steps out into the hall to check for witnesses, him being the one taking the most legal risk.

1:54 The support man has moved to block and catch the target, fixing his position for the hitter. Since he was quiet, and the talker is unlikely to strike first, but rather compromise the target [women are often used for this] the support man has indicated who the primary aggressor is via default.

2:00 Completely confident, the hitter returns and boxes in the target with his back to him. This is the same as a man who has looked over his shoulder, having seen no witness, then looking down before coming up with a sucker punch. [Next to last chance strike opportunity is now. This is the point where the support man should be rip stabbed in the gut, and then the hitter should be throat slashed while turning, keeping the talker pinned in the corner where he will be boned and gutted. I would kill these three in a total of ten seconds, the crucial bleeding all in and done in four seconds, them taking another two minutes to bleed out as I walked away. The initial stab should be edge down to the solar plexus, ripped down to the pelvis and across out the oblique—you want the first target busy with keeping his guts in—and up into big boy's neck which should be slashed from ear to ear, and then a stab placed in each lung. The talker should have both wrists slashed before turning his neck into a gash.]

2:06 The crossed arms of the hitter indicates he is impatient with the talker. [Last chance Dogmeat. He should be stabbed in the throat now.]

2:17 The hands of the hitter clear for action as soon as the talker starts checking pockets for his stuff. Its too late now. Hands are on you that will impede you taking out the hitter and attacking the talker will get you blind sided by the big man—who do have some hands...

2:20 Its kickoff at the Chump Bowl!

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