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Grand Slam
With a 26-Year Old Cyclist and a 66-year-old Pedestrain, the Harm City Hoodrats Make a Skidmark of a Statement

Working hard as ever, keeping the BPD janitorial staff hard at work cleaning up their mess, the Harm City Hoodrats are on subject, off the hook, out the door and setting the tone in America's discount murder store!

See all the demographic details below.

I was particularly impressed by the brother with the braids and neck tattoos who ran over the old lady down town, maiming a decorative pear tree in the process, for the fact that he was obviously on a mission, with a nine millimeter pistol loaded with a 50-round drum magazine!

Go, Harm City Hoodrats, go!

This past week has seen 8 homicides.

With 2016 killings to date, if Harm City has 8 killings per week between now and Years End, with 20 weeks left in the year, the death toll will be:

over 20 weeks

at 8 killings per week

equals 160 killings

plus 216 killings

comes to 376 killings!

Can the boyz keep up this killer pace?

If they don't shoot any shooters, or if the rule-breaking BPD stays in the penalty box, we should be good to go, yo.

Thriving in Bad Places

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