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Old Bitches and Bakers
Whatever it takes for the Win: Harm City and Shitcago Racking Collateral Damage

A point is a point, yo!

4 dead in rash of deadly violence in Baltimore

Woman killed in crash involving gang member


A rash of deadly violence in Baltimore has left at least four people dead and police officers spread thin.

Margaret Hall, 66, was killed instantly around 11:15 p.m. Thursday when Ryan Hazel plowed into her car while trying to get away from police in the 200 block of South Mount Street, police said.

Batting 216:

Murderbowl Update.

Aristeo "Pascuale" Soriano was gunned down just a block from his West Town home while walking home from work early Wednesday. | GoFundMe

Longtime baker fatally shot while walking home from work in West Town

Minor League Report

Life in Dindustan Update.

Of course he had all his music on the laptop, so it wasn’t just a ‘thing’ to him that he was going to let go.

“Dave Deporis was killed in the middle of the day Wednesday in Oakland when he ran after the getaway car of the robber who took his laptop and ended up being dragged and run over, police said.”

“The incident unfolded about 12:35 p.m. when at least one person snatched Deporis’ laptop as he worked at a cafe on Telegraph Avenue, near Rich Street, in the Temescal neighborhood, police said. Witnesses said the 40-year-old Deporis grabbed on to the side of a red Audi sport utility vehicle the robber jumped in and was briefly dragged until he slipped beneath the wheels of the vehicle and was run over. No arrests were made in the robbery, and Deporis was pronounced dead at a local hospital.”

Musician killed in Oakland while trying to retrieve stolen laptop

Thriving in Bad Places Kindle Edition

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