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The Problem of an Infinite Regress of Pregnancies
A Perennial Paradox in Mathematical Ontology

By Professor dy/dx

What do they call those boxes within boxes, an image of infinity-style Escher paradoxes? Chinese nested boxes? Anyway, for all of us high math IQ arrogant cunts, get your rocks off on the art of M. C. Escher (1898-1972):

Have a look at “Ascending and Descending” (1960), “Drawing Hands” (1948), “Relativity” (1953), and “Waterfall (1961), which has been known to give instant hard-ons, albeit of infinitesimal size, to many of my fellow mathematicians.

All of this is relevant; it seems to be wank, but it is not. You see, here is a report about what the Minister of Health, South Africa, a Black, thinks about an Escherian health issue:

“Speaking in Pretoria on women’s day, minister of Health in South Africa told women to avoid having sex while they are pregnant.

Motshoaledi addressed a crowd of over 25000 women who came out to celebrate women’s day and said: “Women are a special gift from God. Without them we wouldn’t be here. Big ups to every pregnant woman out there. Take care of yourselves and your babies. Have less or no sex at all while you are pregnant. Your baby in you can also get pregnant if you have sex while you are pregnant, especially if SHE is a girl.”

Yes, even male babies can get pregnant, but mainly it is female ones, which goes to show it’s a trans, trans, transgender world. A transcendental gender world.

The problem of infinity comes up straight away. Once the baby gets pregnant, then the next sex act may result in the baby’s eggs getting pregnant as well, and so on to infinity, creating the problem of an infinite birth!

What am amazing intelligent fellow the SA Minister of Health is! Just imagine what health will be like a few more years deep into South Africa’s zombie apocalypse.

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