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Vibrants Doing Vibrant Things with Vibrators
By Vas Deferens

Vibrant things include threatening to kill a president who is threatening North Korea with “fire and fury,” because your mamma’s food stamps have been taken away:

I would say that he has a big resource and supply problem, if the punk thinks he can do what North Korea can’t, without food stamps.

White women? What are they good for? Can I work the “vibrator” theme in here? Apparently not. White women are only good for being sexual meat, like juicy white chicken meat to chomp into, according to convicted Asian pedophile gang rapist scum:

Hey! That’s Mr. Scum to you!

There was a White woman in the convicted gang, but she is hardly what one would call a “shield maiden” or “Aryan,” with her freaky dyed hair and hipster cut, she looks more like a mixed-race, social justice warrior. There are plenty of Christians that look like that too today, and I put my head inside a church service just to check, not that I have anything against that. No, sir. Nothing.

As for the “shield maiden” critique, presumably part of an on-going attack on Vikings by Christian conservatives, the evidence for a community of female Viking warriors is weak and is most likely part of a Christian literary motif:

S. Lewis-Simpson, “Vinland Revisited: The Norse World at the Turn of the First Millennium,” (2000), pp. 295-304

There have been a limited number of female warriors in every culture, including Christianity, and include women such as Joan of Arc (1412-1431), who was burnt at the stake on May 30, 1431:

The Bible has its women warriors, and there were almost certainly more Jewish and Christian female warriors in history, than Norse:

Anyway, there is still good old fashioned White genocide to brighten up your day:

Bring on the “fire and fury!”

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