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White Fantasists Played for Chumps
Charlotte Rally, Antifa Martyrdom and Police Deaths Insure National Support of Anti-White, Anarcho-Tyranny Agenda

I wasn't supposed to post today, am finishing The Pale Usher, which three men will read over the next three years and will be forgotten.

As I walked up the lawn to the old plantation house, after hearing a report from Mescaline Franklin concerning the predictably disastrous Charlotte Rally to save Confederate Monuments, I pick up the Anarcho-Tyranny Mouthpiece newspaper and saw a picture of a white car throwing a black man and tattoed freak over its spoiler at one of these dress-up violence parades, in which White and Left have been clashing in recreational combat, oblivious of the obvious path they are on.

As my darling slave girl commented after we received word from Mescaline that three had died,

"And people are surprised? You had people dressing up like Spiderman and arming themselves with clubs, so surely death would follow."

There you go, from the mouth of a babe with the tactical sense of a dormouse, you get a better assessment of where this entire experiental protest culture has been headed than what has been voiced by white identitarian leaders.

I expect that my Right White readers, fully confident that they are simply exercising their constitutional rights to be heard concerning the erasure of their national heritage, are still emotionally engaged and have not yet flipped the tactical switch into "let's not be exterminated" mode, so let me lay it out operationally, from the perspective of your enemies—or more accurately, those who own and manage your debts, or your masters.


We, the managers of the world, in order to better maintain absolute control, wish to transition from governance through hundreds of polities to one-polity governance, one-world-rule.

Is there a threat to our total dominance?

Yes, of the five major racial groupings—race being the ultimate enemy of one-world-rule, and hence the object of our Golden Skin initiative for monocropping our flesh ciphers—Caucasian males, specifically those identified as Indo-European or Aryan, have toppled, supplanted or subdued more governments than all other races combined, ten times over. As we continue on course to erase all racial identity, the first and foremost achievement must be the removal from power of men identified as white, concurrent with the emasculation and disarmament of all white-identified men not serving feminist doctrine in law enforcement and military containment entities.

The United States is the obvious first choice for white male eradication.


1. Threaten white male heritage by announcing the removal of monuments.

2. Use proxy actors such as BLM and Antifa to bloody non-violent white ideologues at initial rallies.

3. Stand down police at initial rallies in order to draw out counter-aggressor types in future events.

4. Permit a judicially contested rally in The South.

5. At this rally, our proxy forces will fare poorly against the counter-aggressors.

6. Set the police on the white identity defenders as Deep State operatives arrange for the death of police aviators overflying the event. Police are by nature, training and experience, conditioned to view any effective counter-aggressor as an enemy of the State. Police Sympathy and White Identity will forever be sundered by this single action, fracturing white racial identity and law enforcement in the U.S. for the remainder of the decade, providing time to transition to foreign national and POC police personnel.

7. With any luck there will also be fatalities among Antifa and BLM, aligning police and these police auxiliary combatants in martyrdom before the American public.

8. Have all agencies conduct photographic and audio documentation of white identity supporters for whiteboard use in future infiltration, investigation and elimination of white identity cells of the social, literary and paramilitary kinds.

This should bear full fruit by 2019. However, if the blatant emasculation and disenfranchisement of white American men has had the effect our predecessors hoped for, we may realistically expect an overkill defense against our delightfully incompetent proxy actors, which will drive the public into the convincing arms of their media handlers. With any luck, some white nationalist, who is not even a native of The South, will kill one of these brats and we'll get this over with in a hurry and move on to full gender nullification, as race nullification is taken up as a cause by the American Herd.

Ultimately, while this advisor must concede that while white men are the current problem facing full systemization, that the root problem is Men and such Stone Age notions of masculinity which continue to linger in the body economic.

Thank you.

The Anarcho-Tyranny memo as I would write it if I were a Deep State analyst.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

The Hunt for Whitey on Kindle

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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Sam J.August 14, 2017 10:43 AM UTC

Looking at twitter feeds from Alt-Rights at the rally they're getting a lot of White girls concerned about their welfare. Maybe White Women are turning around.
Sam J.August 14, 2017 10:30 AM UTC

I'm not saying Jeremy and James are wrong but at some point you have to be seen and if in most cases this leads to violence then...well it leads to violence. I think it brings about solidarity among White Men.

James, while recognizing the deficits of this action, is doing the exact same thing by staying in Baltimore and walking around the streets at night. I see no difference in this stance and going to the beast to protest. Both are functionally if not morally equivalent.
BobAugust 14, 2017 3:31 AM UTC

Whites can stop patronizing businesses like Top Dog, which fired a white attendee, and encourage others to do likewise. White dollars still count.
BobAugust 14, 2017 3:20 AM UTC

The idea of some white nationalists that white police won't obey orders prejudicial to their ethnic interests is whimsical, to be charitable.
BobAugust 13, 2017 10:47 PM UTC

I agree. From the outset it was hard to believe that the ACLU was cooperating in good faith with the Alt-Right to secure a permit for the protest. The group collaborated with the clown-Nazis in the aborted 1977 NSPA march on Stokie at a time when the organization was headed by Frank Collin (Cohen?!). The ACLU generally only aides caricatures of the right like neo-KKK or neo-Nazis, functional to the Manichean programming the System uses to keep power.

Also unfathomable was the cavalier treatment meted out to that Dodge Challenger. Surely no patriot would sink that low. Agent provocateur?
Jeremy BenthamAugust 13, 2017 4:33 PM UTC

Well said James. I believe you nailed the Globalists' general design nicely in your enumeration of their likely 'Solution' to the problem of white male intransigence in America. In fact I'm inclined to believe some insider or some hacker surreptitiously provided you with a copy of the Globalists' operations order and you merely repeated verbatim the sub-paragraph outlining their overall 'commander's intent' for the campaign plan.

As Vox Day observed, all politics in America, now and henceforth, are identity politics. However, the last thing white indentitarians want to do is play into the hands of the Globalists and allow them to manipulate their actions and reactions while the Globalists still have the upper hand and control the Deep State bureaucracies (especially the police, military and the IRS), most of the court system at every level AND (most importantly) have control of the media megaphone that will tell most of the uninvolved and uninformed public what their opinion should be about white identity groups. The Globalists are thus in a position to use the organs of the state to prosecute and persecute white identity groups relentlessly, all with the tacit approval of much of the general public. Now is the time to take a page from Martin Luther King's and Mahatma Gandhi's play book. Gandhi for one wasn't really non-violent, but he knew that non-violent protest and civil-disobedience would flummox the British Raj as it would be something they would not know how to deal with without overreacting and making themselves look like cruel oppressors to the rest of the world, and even the people back in the UK. Whereas revolutionary terrorism by the Indians would be have been something the British could justify cracking down on harshly, especially in their own minds.

“But the answer I gave the young radicals seemed to me the only realistic one: “Do one of three things. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing — but this only swings people to the right. Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.”

- Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals (1971)

“The real action is in the enemy’s reaction. The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength. Tactics, like organization, like life, require that you move with the action.”

-Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals (1971), ‘Tactics’ page 136

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” – Sun Tzu, “The Art of War’ (c. 500 B.C.)