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Little Dave and the Hopper
Round #2: Harford Road and Northern Parkway, 7:10 A.M., Tuesday, August 8 2017

Recorded on the #62 bus at 5:5 A.M., Thursday, 8/10/17

Hey, fighter man, I was hoping you would train me. I want to do that next manfight weekend up in Pennsylvania. I’m so sick of these people in the city.

You know how people have them fear-filled eyes when they can’t fight?

That’s what that boy had day ‘fore yesterday.

I was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus and the boy I beat for cussin’, spittin’ and touchin’ on me, he come back.

He starts with callin’ me all kine a bitches and mofos and pulls out this folding knife, the flea market-gas station kind, about a four inch blade.

Told me he was goin’ ta kill me, right there on that bench.

I told him I would stick that knife up his ass.

I suppose he remembered he couldn’t fight from the last time and he left.

Well, I sure could use some knife time for training if this comeback with the knife is how it is with these hoppers now.

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