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Post Charlottesville
Anarcho-Tyranny Endgame

I watched the Kovalev-Taylor fight six months ago and saw Kovalev beat this guy from post to post. Then, last month, I saw the HBO edited version of the highlights, which took 36 minutes of action, which was a one-sided beating of Taylor, and presented as five minutes of Taylor hammering Kovalev!

So, as Alt-Right protesters get better and better at defending themselves they will be depicted on the news as becoming more and more effective aggressors, mad dog Nazis terrorizing the Good People of the Nation.

News from Charlottesville confirms that the rally was a set-up, with cops actually pushing Alt-Right protestors into their attackers once the permit was revoked—which was another bit of skullduggery. However, as I’m writing this I am viewing network news, which convincingly depicts, for the brainwashed masses, who live on the video soundbite and are immune to facts, an army of White Nationalists and White Supremacists—artfully stamping one term with the older label—slaughtering innocents. No sooner than the news was over and a comedian was crying about the slaughter of the innocents, a Trump impersonator was dancing on a talent show and the MC was reminding audience members to vote.

But just as the masses cannot see fact, the Alt-Right can’t see consequences.

The scared kid in the car who was being attacked by a bat wielding mob and ran over some of his attackers, killing one, is likely to be acquitted due to the evidence.

In the meantime, White Nationalists will continue to provide footage of the White Supremacists army, as unpaid stuntmen for their enemies.

The end game is simple, when that kid gets acquitted, it will mean riots in every majority black American city. This time, since white men have been identified as the aggressors, it will not just be cops standing by while a city like Baltimore is raped and scorched, but cops lending a hand to the criminals as they both converge on their shared prey.

Post Script

This morning, after finishing this piece, I walked out into my sister’s front yard in deep suburban Maryland in Harford County and found the local newspaper, the Aegis, with the front page story being a 20-person support rally for the victims of the Nazi Stormtroopers who crushed freedom and struck a blow for “oppression.” There was a token black couple with a BLM poster. The rest were the brainwashed palefaces who hate themselves for being born in evil skin and feel the need to lash out at those who embrace their evil Caucasian nature.

This is the endgame of the years of leftist attacks on peaceful rightist speakers, to garner footage of aggressive white men out of uniform, to usher in the idea that unapologetic white men are the enemy of all, even of themselves.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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John Paul BarberNovember 30, 2017 10:49 PM UTC

James, I hate to be autistic about details, but as a boxing fan, I must. I'm reading Masculine Axis right now and came across this chapter. I didn't remember Sergey Kovalev fighting anyone named Taylor so I looked it up to make sure and nope, no Taylor. Given the timeline of Charlottesville, I'm assuming you meant to say Andre Ward. You must have gotten him confused with Jermain Taylor.

It's ok, I'll give you a pass on this one. I'm sure as a result of wrangling dindus for so long, all these Jermains and Andres start to look alike to you!
Sam J.August 18, 2017 12:28 AM UTC

I hear a lot of criticism but no solutions. Waiting for everything to fall apart is not a plan.
BobAugust 16, 2017 10:56 PM UTC

Shows the futility of organized, large-scale street protests by the right. Spontaneous, local initiatives can be staged where all the advantages are with the smaller, nimbler, protean, contender. Larger fora/events are signaled for special attention by authorities, their anti-fa lapdogs, hostile MSM, agents provocateur (Daily Stormer, KKK, etc.), with the attendant bad propaganda and, at worse, false-flag terror treatment. Did Trump not speak fondly of waterboarding? Did anyone think this was aimed primarily at Muslims and not ethnically self-conscious whites?

Numerous small, geographically localized public relations and profile-building victories are possible and essential. Let's not be dumb and confront a top-down style power structure with anything that's not its polar opposite.