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Bitch Parade
Postscript to Masculine Axis: Subverting the Masculine Triumph by Feminizing Ancient Forms of Upright Assembly

Forms of seated assembly, such as councils are not under discussion here, but rather those forms of public assembly traditionally engaged in by military age men.

The triumphal or solemn procession, from dances reenacting the slaying of a beast by the returning hunter, to Roman Triumph’s and the funerary procession of slain heroes and symbolic conduction of the Dead, the history of humans conducting group displays in an organized fashion to illustrate, celebrate or show reverence for action is rich.

Our parade traditions come down to us from the ancient hunters through these postwar and funerary sources and have coalesced in three degraded forms:

1. The holiday parade, to celebrate civic spirit and culture

2. The military review, used by martially oriented governments to awe and impress subjects and enemies alike.

3. Ideological marches, from breast cancer awareness to political protests.

All three of these modern forms are derived from the Roman Triumph, with funerary processions remaining in form, if not substance, essentially the same. The three forms above represent:

1. a neutered triumph in the form of the holiday parade, a celebration of being rather than doing,

2. a corrupted form of the triumph in the form of a threat of victory rather than a confirmation of victory, boasting rather than doing,

3. protest, strike and support marches and vigils, which are an entirely feminine interpretation of the triumph, with the protestors serving a sacrificial function, placing themselves there to be victimized by those unjustly in power and garner sympathy for their cause

A discussion of the last is in order, as it has been transmogrified into a trivial battlefield over which traditionally feminized protestors have attempted and failed to draw police action and build sympathy for the Left. However, the attempt by emasculated males of the various Alt-Right and White Nationalist alliances to vent their fury over the destruction of their culture and society has now caused an interesting turn of events. The Left, who had thus far failed to draw police attacks to build solidarity through the media with the brainwashed herd of Americans, managed to provoke counter-attacks from the Right, which drew in police action. For once, sympathy after such a clash is with the Leftist agitators and the police, with the Right—who had been attempting to use a debased celebration platform, coopted for a feminist-slave agenda, as a base for masculine expression—managing to place themselves as enemies of the Left and Police [who have henceforth served and have been seen as an iconic aspect of the American Right], solidifying and unifying mainstream support for a Leftist Police State.

Whoever facilitated this at the highest levels, which means people unseen and unknown to the Alt-Right organizers, pulled a classic piece of political dupemanship, with the Right rank and file, expecting to stand together with the police against the Left being caught between a rock and sick place.

The Left turn of the police in this manner, while highly predictable, represents the greatest change in American public life since 1865.

After past clashes I have fielded questions on the mechanics of such encounters, noting that victory for the Right in such a staged fight was the worst possible outcome. I expect that men on the Right, wanting to do even better in future clashes with the Left will send me links of such footage. I will decline to comment other than to use such clashes as studies for examining ancient combat. As for advice on how to “win” against a pack of vicious freaks, with the prize being labelled a Nazi and being crushed by police—and if that doesn’t work National Guard, and if that doesn’t work DOJ contractors—I will offer no combat advice.

Understand, that the American Right lost at Charlottesville. The Left, the voting public, Law Enforcement and Government are all now firmly aligned.

If you believe in liberty, if you believe in family, if you believe in decency, if you believe that manhood is important, if you believe that being proud of having great ancestors is worth fighting for, then fighting again now will bring you the wages of Carthage, the salting of your earth and the erasure of your people.

The only chance for liberty and identity is in the future, after some societal collapse. For now, the most that can be done is to record and keep a real history, to speak against the lies our children will be weaned on, to preserve a body of masculine knowledge that may serve as the seed of a new society rising from the ashes of this mass of corruption known as modernity.

The American Right lost any chance of having a legitimate political voice in Pre-Collapse America, on Saturday, August 12 2017.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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Sam J.August 18, 2017 12:23 AM UTC

White Man speak with forked tongue. You say over and over and over how despicable Whites are for abandoning the city and not fighting and in the same breath say that fighting the Left is stupid. Which is it? Why are these cases different?

I think that being an anti-social person, not weighing in morally just noting a fact, you hurl abuse at any social group. Unfortunately for your side social grouping is how major things get done. It's why the Jews own this country and it's Representatives. Atomized groups generally get stomped on. (Remember the American Indian) We celebrate the Spartans not because they were a bunch of carefree individualist but because they were a highly trained in-group socialized to the max for war.

"...The only chance for liberty and identity is in the future, after some societal collapse..."

People in all of history have always said that things need to get much get worse before it gets better. Well History shows that when things get worse to the extent of "societal collapse" then usually they get worse and...stay that way for a long, long time. Worse is just worse.

My major beef with Whites is they refuse to take power and use every single process, law or police power they have to crush our foes. If the opposite side was in power they would certainly do so and will. They don't want people to call them names. Wanting that is futile. We're beyond that.
BobAugust 16, 2017 9:58 PM UTC

The System depends on taxes, largely paid by whites, and investors' willingness to buy US government debt. Choosing to earn and consume less and keep less in the bank weakens the System. Long term interest rates experienced an inflection point mid-2106. So far the fall in treasuries has been limited, but it's early days. Rising interest rates will collapse the present financial asset bubbles (Amazon: P/E 250!).