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Thieves in the Night
Confederate Statues In Baltimore Taken Down Overnight

Civil War Update.

“She says she doesn’t know where the statues are headed quite yet, although she said earlier this week that she would like to see them go to one of Maryland’s confederate cemeteries.”

In my opinion these statues should not have remained in Baltimore to be defaced. did the mayor move them to avoid possible violence, to save them for posterity?

They will apparently go to graveyards yet to be exhumed and desecrated—tough that is coming.

In the end, the best reasons for removing these memorials to some of the greatest foes anyone could have, that any people could hope to boast of conquering are far more simple:

The white people of Baltimore, who ran away to live like rabbits in the surrounding hills over two generations, do not deserve to claim ancestral dominance over such great men.

The leering savages who do not appreciate the fact that hundreds of thousands of white men died to free their ancestors, do not deserve to these symbols of victory, even though they are too hate-filled and idiot-brained to realize that these monuments symbols of the greatness of the nation who freed their people.

Finally, the United States of America, my collective slave master, being in my estimation the most vile slave nation ever to squash the human soul, does not deserve credit for vanquishing great men as it conducts its third world bug hunts in search of money and hate.

I did speak on video before some of these monuments before they were defaced and removed. Hopefully the man who took the video on that ancient camera will be able to get it to Lynn Lockhart for posting.

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Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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