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When the Left is Right—
It Can't Live with Itself!: Race War/ Life in Dindustan Update

Interesting development in Madison, Wisconsin. The Leftist rulers of Mad City have become dismayed at the spike in violent crime in their community. Murders, street corner gun fights and home invasion robberies, mostly related to the drug trade, are occuring in previously ‘safe’ neighborhoods. As such, city government has directed its police force to ‘do something about it' and relentlessly pursue and apprehend all the bad actors who are committing these horrible crimes. Only to discover that (Surprise!) Madison’s most wanted are ALL African-American. Now the cognitive-dissonance these city officials are experiencing over this realization is no doubt overwhelming. Mad City is a bastion of Leftist political sentiment, like Berkley, Austin and Charlottesville; so heretofore these Lefty officials had been stalwart apologists for black criminal behavior.

Further, crime by blacks in the area has become so threatening that even the head of the local chapter of the NAACP is complaining about it and wants something done. (Black on Black Crime is getting out of control Madison WI NAACP Chief says).

Of course that ‘something’ doesn’t include incarcerating any blacks for committing crimes, natch. What they want done is to have the city, county, state and federal governments to all throw money at the problem and have NAACP affiliated worthies appointed to cushy, do-nothing political patronage jobs as ‘anti-violence’ counselors and coordinators and such.

It will be fascinating to see how Madison’s new anti-crime initiative plays out. Colin Flaherty predicts that Madison’s’ city fathers, and mothers, will eventually be forced to back off on rounding up all the black criminals in order to preserve their Leftist virtue. Much as what happened in Chattanooga in a similar situation.

Madison, WI Police Chief Comes Up with Breakthrough Plan: Arrest Criminals (Who Are Black) NPR - Why Does Wisconsin Lock Up More Black Men Than Any Other State? Black on Black Crime is getting out of control Madison WI NAACP Chief says Colin Flaherty - Madison goes after the worst of the worst: One problem—THEY ARE ALL BLACK

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