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Action versus Reaction
What Any Boxer Could Have Told the Alt-Right

Action typically beats reaction.

There are exceptions.

If you are bigger than the actor, than your reaction—provided you survived the action—may overwhelm him.

If you are much more skilled and experienced in the arena you do combat in, then you have predicted the actor’s action and set him up for failure and might do a cut-off punch, a stop hit, an interception. One of the smarter martial artists of the 1960s, Bruce Lee, termed his art, Jeet Kune Do, which means way of the intercepting fist, or being an order of magnitude better prepared.

The normal advantage in any contest is to be had when the more powerful party—think Mike Tyson in his prime—leads and the opponent is left reacting to his actions, thus, even when he is successful one action at a time, in the overall conduct of the contest he is following, not leading, actually subject to the course of events as if he were in a storm.

The disaster scenario is when the more powerful and more experienced party [the mainstream Liberal establishment] commits an action to draw a reaction from a tiny outgunned foe, so that the underdog will make himself available to be smashed. When such an underdog, new to the method of conflict, then charges in, the result is always a crushing defeat. The Fetterman Massacre, conducted by Crazy Horse, comes to mind.

So, in a political contest between liberals who hold most government posts at all levels of the judicial and legislative structures, and dominate executive positions in the cities where such riots resulting from rank-and-file disturbances might occur, and traditionalists, who hold no offices and are even a tiny minority in the sphere of ideas, any reaction by the traditionalists to the actions of liberals, is like the tiny reaction to the movement of the massive beast of state to the left, eliciting a reaction that is like a fly bite, which can be expected to bring the tail of that beast whipping around to squash the irritating insect on its rump.

Just a boxing thought for those who might want to think outside the box.

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BobAugust 18, 2017 12:48 AM UTC

True. But by the same token, even the strongest lion is debilitated by the by flea, easy to kill singly but in numbers...
Sam J.August 17, 2017 11:01 PM UTC

I heard all the talk about the Alt-Right being whipped lately but one thing that was shown to the average folks is that these Mayors don't control their cities. No matter who they blame it on everyone knows they let things get out of hand and people can't hold any kind of free speech rally without violence. Now the Left may think they've whipped the Right but this kind of wild goings on only strengthens the Right. It doesn't matter who beat who only that the news says there were riots.
ShepAugust 17, 2017 6:04 PM UTC

I'm so far outside the box I can't even see the damn box. The underdog needs to change the method of conflict and surprise the boxer with All-Power Fighting.

Or dry-gulch him as he's walking into the arena...