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Cutie Homesteader’s Healthcare Workplace

This was a convalescent home owned by the hospital with a lot of elderly living there long term, a lot of poor black and some poor white elderly people, like a nursing home. It was also a hospital, so we had some pretty sick patients on ventilators.

One of my friends and coworkers went to this facility to become a manager and I heard stories about the drama and sexual deviancy going on over there before I even went over. So I was prepared, though didn’t believe it could be true.

The maintenance man worked there, as did his wife and he got caught having sex with one of the other nursing assistants in the stairwell. He got fired at that point, but his wife still worked there. Before the other chick got fired the chick and the maintenance guy’s wife had a physical altercation on one of the units where all of these elderly people live. Right in the common area they were screaming at one another and pulling hair. It didn’t escalate too much, because people pulled it apart. He was also—it turned out—having sex with other female staff, but outside of work

These people were all African American.

From a nursing perspective it is a predominantly—I would say 85% of nurses and nursing techs were black—African American work environment. With the therapists it was more of a mix. There were a lot of Filipino and orthodox Jewish therapists.

Both of my bosses were African American women, one of which is the only person I would actually physically harm—if I could.

Those that I didn’t work supper close with, there was a lot of animosity. People didn’t do their job and if you asked them to do something, they were often times very dismissive and did not acknowledge you. Also there was a lot of back stabbing and shit talking.

With the patients that were on ventilators they can be agitated and puke their trach out, so they would often have restraints on them. Once I was working with a patient and a speech therapist came into work with them. I reminded her that the restraints were off and she said, “Leave them off” and she neglected to put them back on and it ended up with the patient pulling their trach out and all the bitchy nurses completely through me under the bus. I feel like they left them off so the patient could pull there trach out and they could blame it on me. It was that kind of work environment.

I worked much closer with our black therapy techs and they did not have a very god work ethic. But I developed a relationship with them, so they would like me and do things for me, while other people got a straight up “Fuck you” if they asked them for anything. But I was on their good side.

Mario was the guy I almost caught having butt sex or blow jobs with another gentleman. He was definitely gay. The guy that he was seeing in the wheel chair room was a married man and he was like the administrative assistant to one of the bigger wigs at the home.

I never got threatened on the job. But I will state that I had to park at a distance and take a shuttle to work and a lot of people would walk so they didn’t have to take the shuttle. And there were many instances where people got mugged and they [management] would always tell us not to walk.

We had a coma emergence program, very specific things you do to bring somebody along who had suffered traumatic brain injuries. There was this young kid who had tried to commit suicide by police, led cops on a high speed car chase that led him to a wreck when he ran into an innocent percent which put him in a coma.

We also had a Nigerian physical therapist, Chiggaz who was—speaking of not getting fired—he would come to work 2 hours late every day, would be on his cell phone doing his side hustle while he was at work. He would park his car in the doctors’ lot, because there was no way he was going to ride a shuttle. He hurt himself at the gym, he had already used up his time—he would call out sick all the time. He got a doctor’s note to have him off work for a week and referred to him as a she, with broken English. The note, from the “gereiatrition” stated that “she” had “broken back.”

One of the things you did in the coma emergence program is to inflict noxious stimulus, pinching the nail bed of the finger, bending their finger back. To get a response.

Me and some of my coworkers were standing in the hallway and we could hear Chiggaz in a patients room saying, “Beat me off! Beat me off!”

He was not getting sexual favors, he was trying to get the person to hit him, to elicit a response.

With this new motorcycle accident victim Chiggaz was so inappropriate.

He was so romantic, too. Once I said, “What are you going to get your wife for her birthday” and he said, “I put money into her account!”

He was entertaining.

Anything he did that was inappropriate would be let slide.

It was amazing to me that you could not fire anyone for anything because of their ethnicity. I would have been fired for half of what he did—falsifying doctor’s orders?

Any time his supervisor would sit him down for a disciplinary meeting or performance review it was a disaster. They used to take them out for their performance review to lunch, but Chiggazz acted like he was on a date! When she sat him down in the office for a disciplinary meeting, she would either come out all charmed or in tears. He was so chauvinistic and arrogant, that he would plop this bogus note down, knowing that if anyone questions it he was just going make them cry!

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