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The Challenge of Thor
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Continuing this site’s fine tradition of poetry, here is my suggestion for today’s reading. It is a pity that the god with the hammer lost, via race treason, to the crucified one, but anyway, now we all get to be crucified as well.

The Challenge of Thor

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

I AM the God Thor,

I am the War God,

I am the Thunderer!

Here in my Northland,

My fastness and fortress,

Reign I forever!

Here amid icebergs

Rule I the nations;

This is my hammer,

Miölner the mighty;

Giants and sorcerers

Cannot withstand it!

These are the gauntlets

Wherewith I wield it,

And hurl it afar off;

This is my girdle;

Whenever I brace it,

Strength is redoubled!

The light thou beholdest

Stream through the heavens,

In flashes of crimson,

Is but my red beard

Blown by the night-wind,

Affrighting the nations!

Jove is my brother;

Mine eyes are the lightning;

The wheels of my chariot

Roll in the thunder,

The blows of my hammer

Ring in the earthquake!

Force rules the world still,

Has ruled it, shall rule it;

Meekness is weakness,

Strength is triumphant,

Over the whole earth

Still is it Thor's-Day!

Thou art a God too,

O Galilean!

And thus singled-handed

Unto the combat,

Gauntlet or Gospel,

Here I defy thee!

Unfortunately, the Galilean has already mutated into a liberal version of Doomsday:

Shit movie, but good CGI, just like life.

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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the woodsmanAugust 17, 2017 7:11 PM UTC

The band "Blood Axis" uses this poem as lyrics to their song "Reign I Forever". I really enjoy it. Here's a youtube link: