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On Taking It Up the Ass, and Lovin’ It
By John Scrotum

Pull down the blinds after nervously checking that there is no one there. Good, we are safe. Lovingly caress your AR 15… maybe the roaming mob will cannibalize your neighbor first. Feel glad that you followed this guy’s sound advice:

“Most Americans, most people, already know this sort of stupidity and violence on the march in Charlottesville is unacceptable and a waste of time. The people assembled in Virginia do not represent what most Americans think or wish to do with their precious little free time on a Saturday. The brouhaha from the political media surrounding this event is at best overblown by good intentions and at worst being purposely stoked for website hits, TV ratings, and political agendas.

Rather than heeding the hollow calls for peace and unity from ‘our’ dear political leaders or the foolish pleas from left/right activists on the ground in Virginia, what most Americans need to do right now is keep right on doing what they’re already doing - enjoying what little freedom they still have in so many ways too numerous to list completely.

Keep in mind, while a few hundred deluded racists and hysterical ‘anti-fascists’ clash in Virginia, thousands of Americans are attending baseball, football, and soccer events while millions watch from home.

Do not forget, while the despairing political boobs clash in Charlottesville, millions of Americans are attending pop concerts, cheerleading competitions, neighborhood BBQ’s, jazz festivals, movie showings, yoga classes, college classes, dog-training seminars, baby-showers, weddings, funerals, and pool parties.

Just remember, while political nincompoopery reveals its ugly face in one tiny place on the map, millions of Americans are relaxing at home, reading books and guzzling down champagne mixers, sharing high school memories with old friends and smoking hookah pipes, texting the sexy boy or girl they met last night, or emailing a lost love they haven’t seen 10 years.

Americans are shopping. Americans are putting on fundraisers in fun ways. Americans are eating junk food and health food, cheese puffs and brown butter asparagus. Americans are curling their toes in the white sands of the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico or kayaking along little rivers and creeks across this rich and plentiful land. Americans are driving their sports cars or riding their bikes or hiking through the plentiful forests from sea to shining sea.

The point is most Americans don’t give a damn about what’s happening in Charlottesville, VA. And they especially aren’t stupid enough to participate in such a festival of buncombe and blood.”

OK, but that does not apply just to blood and soil issues, but to everything else discussed at, especially money issues. Why bother. Just let it all happen.

And, in a sense he is right. Roosh is right is seeing Harlottesville as a disaster:

Sure, organize in secret, have cell groups or whatever. But, as soon as you raise your head, the Deep State will hit you with its hammer. And, if you don’t raise your head, it will be cut off anyway. Talk about the abundance of richness of freedom.

Does it get any better than this! Who wants to live anyway? Death has been given a bad reputation, but it is not so bad and will solve all ills.

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BobAugust 18, 2017 12:41 AM UTC

Nihilism I leave to the left. You can do activism locally and discretely. Economic hardship will force more bonding between people. Loners are goners. Survive and help your circle survive, knowing that others will do likewise. When the System weakens, there will be time to recreate institutions larger than community and clan.